Valencian people are very proud of their city. We can even say that valencian are the most proud citizens in Spain. This means that we consider Valencia as the best city in Spain. We are going to give you 5 reasons that show that Valencia is a much better city than Madrid or Barcelona .

Madrid and Barcelona are both huge cities. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, but, besides what you can believe, it´s not a big city. You can drive from one side of the city to the other in less than half an hour, and this makes life very comfortable. Many people that have lived in one of these cities and then live in Valencia, normally say: “wow, you can make more than one thing every afternoon!”

Do you know which is the city that has the biggest city park in Spain? Let me give you a clue: it´s not Madrid or Barcelona. Valencia has “Jardín del Túria”, which not too long ago was a river that crossed the city. Due to the flooding in 1957, the river was deflected to the southern side of Valencia and the riverbed was turned into a park.

Valencia is a cheap city for living. While flats are quite expensive in Madrid or Barcelona and it is very difficult to be able to live by your own, you can rent a flat in Valencia for 300-400 euros per month. Besides this, there are a lot of flats that you can share in case you prefer having company. And prices are quite cheap!

Climate in Valencia is fantastic, while Madrid is much colder. We have around 300 sunny days per year. Barcelona has a similar climate to Valencia, but it´s a bit colder and there is a lot of traffic, so Valencia is better.

And, finally, Valencia is the home land of both paella and horchata. There is nothing better in the world than paella and horchata.

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